Sunday, March 23, 2008

Zoo and Easter

We all went to the zoo yesterday to look at the animals. Bean was a big fan of the monkeys, as always, and didn't mind having his picture taken with this gorilla.

One of the highlights, of course, was riding the train, even though you can't tell from the look on the Bean's face. It was impossible trying to get him off.

We also took a few pictures of red in her Easter outfit. We aren't settled on the name "red" yet, but Captain Mom says I'm not allowed to call her "cabbage" like I want.

Faces We See Alot

Here they are:
Maybe they will be more alike than we think?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Growing and Growing

The little girl is growing and growing. And by that I mean, getting fatter and fatter. She is so darling. She is such a good baby. She is sleeping for 5 hours at night before waking to nurse. It is heaven. But, she has a hard time going right back to sleep. We are usually up for an hour before she falls asleep again.

The big news is that I think her eyes are going to be blue! It is a miracle. Captain Fabuloso's family all have brown eyes. We just can't believe it.

Last Thursday Captain F had a test and came directly home after it was done. It was so nice. We went shopping and then went to Shivers. It is a little hamburger joint in town. It is the first time we had gone to a restaurant that the Prince would enjoy. It was so fun. He had the best time. There was a model electric train that went around the ceiling. He would scream with delight every time he saw it go around. There was also a train built for kids to play on and eat at little tables. The Prince had a hot dog, root beer, fries, a sucker, and a shake. Captain F and I felt like parent's of the year. We had so much fun. It is always nice to have a success.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My days

Usually family blogs tell all the exciting things each family is doing, making every mom look like a superhero. Our blog isn't that kind of blog. (Of course it isn't because I am not that kind of mom, I just don't want to brag.) Instead of our accomplishments, I thought I would share one of our recent failures.

Last Friday I took The Prince and the little baby to Barnes and Noble. Boy was that a mistake. I just thought we would be in and out. I knew exactly what I wanted to buy--Persuasion. It wasn't going to take long. We could spend some time looking at children's books, too. What was I thinking? Can you go anywhere with a toddler and a newborn without it taking long? My big downfall was I failed to take into account the escalator factor. Let me set the scene: It was a beautiful day, but (mistake number 1) The Prince and I were wearing warm coats. We got out of the car and I carried the baby in the car seat and held The Prince's hand through the parking lot. I did not bring a stroller (mistake number 2). Yet, I managed to get us all into the store with little trouble. As soon as we got through the doors, The Prince bolts for the escalators. We did about 6 circuits up and down the escalator. It is a narrow escalator so I had to hold the baby the whole time and, for safety, I kept a hold of The Prince's hand. The car seat gets heavy very quickly. Luckily, Persuasion was on the rack directly between the up and down escalators. I grabbed it without missing a beat. Leaving was a major trial. The Prince didn't want to leave the escalators. Checking out was terrible. I had to hold The Prince under one arm. He started pulling my hair and everything. Navigating the parking lot was even worse. At first The Prince held my hand and all was going well. Then his coat falls off; mine is already off because I was getting too hot hauling the baby. Half way up the hill to the car The Prince decides he wants to go it alone. Of course, I won't let that happen. I grab him and try to carry him, while he is pushing and squirming and generally trying to hurt me, and the baby along with our two coats, my purse, and my purchase. To top it off, I am still wearing my maternity pants and, unfortunately, these are the ones that are constantly falling down. I don't know how low my pants got; I hope I didn't looked like a penguin. Everyone was watching me struggle, and finally another mother asked if she could help. At that point, I had made it to the car. I was so frustrated. I would love to hear some suggestions on how to discipline a toddler in public.