Thursday, May 24, 2007

Happy Birthday to the Mother Load!

Captain Mom wasn't the only one celebrating a (late) birthday yesterday - Senor also got his much-delayed birthday present from us. The bean helped.

Here El Senor models his somewhat revealing new present - an undershirt for biking!

The Bean enjoyed knocking over towers during the party.

The Boy lent Captain Mom a prop from the movie 'Saw'. At least I think that is where it must have come from. It was very scary. But, it did open the boxes.

The Boy and Cicada got Captain Mom a nice gift certificate to a local garden store - now we can get some more flowers in front!

Cicada's friend Bona Fide also was there for dinner and the party.

Here are Cicada and the Boy with their present.

Phoenix AZ

We took a trip to see some family down in AZ. In particular, Bean got to visit with his cousin Fender. As you can see, they both had a good time visiting.

For the most part, they just stole each other's soothers and poked each other in the eyes.

Bean also got to do some swimming. He cried until he got used to the water, but then he was just fine. By the end, he was kicking and moving his arms. He may be a swimmer! He may have got some inspiration from his cousin Howler, the amazing diving toddler.

We also stopped in Vegas on the way down, where we took this picture.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

I am the Walrus

Coo coo ca-choo. I think that sums it up pretty well. That being said, the front two teeth are starting to come in now. But, he has had his tusks for quite a while.

Captain Mom also painted the master bathroom blue. We used a Venetian plaster to add some texture and it has turned out very nice. Now for the rest of the house...

You can see some of the texture that we get from the plaster.

Bean had his first dill pickle when we all went out to dinner last night. He did NOT like it, and made funny faces the whole time. Of course, that didn't keep him from sticking it in his mouth all the time. He would just make a disgusted face, pull it out, look at it, and stick it back in. Eventually he made the connection and just started squishing it.