Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Beach

Here are several pictures of my family at the beach. The matching pictures were taken the night we tried to get a family photo for the Christmas card this year. The real family photo needs some photo shopping before it can be displayed. Good thing there is a professional digital artist in the family! I love this picture of V. I can't figure out why it won't display right-side-up. I will work on it.

Monday, August 11, 2008


What to do? What to do? I find I have an hour of free time, meaning I have an hour free from entertaining/feeding/caring for my kids, and a list of things that needs to get done. Top on the list is clean the house. But also on the list is blog. It was a tough decision.

We went with my family to California in July. We took the kids to Disneyland and Newport Beach. It was a blast. The Prince was in heaven. Instead of driving my spacious new minivan, we did the socially responsible thing to do and drove the Camry Hybrid instead. We were a little crowded in the car, what with all the gear you must back when you have little kids, but we were happy to save the money on gas. It worked perfectly. I think on the whole trip we only used 3 tanks of gas. Pretty great.

There are so many stories from the trip, it is hard to narrow them down. We left on a Tuesday night and drove to Las Vegas. We got to our hotel around 2 a.m. It was brutal. Captain F was so tired. I was so sick. I could barely speak, but I had to stay awake and keep talking so Captain F wouldn't fall asleep. The kids were great, but their kids. It was slow traveling. When we got to our room, it turned out we had been upgraded to a suite. There were 6 flat screen TVs in the place. It was awesome and completely saved Captain F, who was delierious enough not to realize we had been upgraded. He thought all the rooms in the hotel were like that. We were actually able to sleep that night because there were two separate bedrooms. We were in no hurry to leave the room the next morning and didn't leave until noon. Then we drove on to Disneyland. Again, it was slow going. My favorite moment was when the Prince started squirming and said, "Owie. Poo. Owie poo." And who can blame him for not wanting to sit in that?

The Prince fell in love with Disneyland right from the start. We went to the park that night and first took both our kids on Pirates of the Carribbean. The Prince loved it. He loved everything about Disneyland except for the end of each ride. He was pure joy once we would get on a ride, and completely heartbroken when we had to get off. Even though his emotions were like a rollercoaster, we loved taking him to Disneyland. We got a three day pass and really enjoyed ourselves. His absolute favorite ride was the Buzz Lightyear ride. He went on it 6 times.

Next it was on to the beach. . . .