Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bean met a girl for the first time this winter. As you can see, the meeting didn't work so well. Captain Mom hopes he keeps this up for the next 25 years.

Here's Bean and baby Trouble.

We took some glamor shots of the Bean this winter in his speed skating suit that Aunt Brat got him for Christmas.

Prodigal Son Returns - Christmas

When it was all said and done, Bean and Dad took a nap at Supreme Commander's house.

Captain Mom & Richie showing off their orange clothes from Europe.

Bean tries out one of his new Christmas presents. Yellow tastes best.

Every child's dream - buried in toys on Christmas morning.

Ootsie getting her 'doggie' gift from Grandpa Gus.

A quiet moment with Bean & Captain Mom at the Christmas tree.

The Boy and Gradpa - a look into the Boy's future.

Bean looks at his new Dikkie Dik books. No. Really. The cat's name is Dikkie Dik.

Richie in the living room.