Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Bean in the Pool

We're going to try again with a video of the Bean going off the diving board. It is one of his favorite things to do at his "Boc's" (Grandpa Doc) house.

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Mix of photos

We have tried to upload a video of the Prince jumping into the pool, but it won't work. We will have to compress it. Until then, here are some photos to peruse.

We just sold my Honda. I owned it for 11 years! The Prince loved to play in it. One day, about 2 months ago, he was out in the car. I was carrying groceries inside and let him stay to play for a minute. When I came out to get him I noticed he had pulled out a pack of tiny batteries from the glove box. I asked where one of the batteries had gone. He pointed to the tape cassette deck. Sure enough, he had shoved a battery in. Luckily, it still worked, because there was no retrieving it.

I was busy one Sunday morning trying to get ready for church and this is what the Prince was up to:

He loves to mix things. He had carried all this from our kitchen to the living room.

Here Captain F is showing the Prince the fountains at The Gateway. He didn't like them too much, but he did love Ben and Jerry's ice cream. He ate almost the entire ice cream on his own and a mango smoothie, too. He wolfed them down. Mom and Dad barely got a taste.

And here is a beautiful picture of little V (I think this is the blog name that will stick, but who knows?). She is darling. She is rolling over, which started May 17th. She is just a little sweatheart. We are so lucky, especially since the Prince is turning into a terror.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

May is a busy time

I can't believe I never posted during May. It is such a crazy time. Our wedding anniversary is May 7th, then there is Mother's Day, my Birthday on the 17th, and then Memorial Day. All of those celebrations keep us pretty busy, but this year was particularly bad because I got sick the day before our anniversary, then it spread to the Prince, and then to Captain F. Luckily the baby didn't get it. It was a nasty cold that was very difficult to shake. We all felt horrible.

We did manage to have some fun in May. We went to Lagoon a couple of times. The Prince loved it. He likes to ride on the rides with his daddy. I think the cars are his favorite. It was so fun to take him there. We love having a season pass because then we can go for a couple of hours and leave without feeling guilty. As you can see, Lagoon wears the Prince out.

Captain F took me to a great restaurant for our Anniversary called Log Haven in Milcreek canyon. I am sure most of you know about it. I had never been there before. It was much more gourmet than I was expecting. We had a great time even though it was a rainy day.

I got to go shopping with my mom and sister in Park City. I haven't done that in years. We brought the kids and really they were pretty good. I would've liked going to more stores, but I found some super cute things for the house and for me to wear. It was great. Which reminds me, I have lost 15 pounds so far on Weight Watchers. The Prince loves my diet blueberry banana shakes.