Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas Letter Pictures

We took Christmas letter pictures this afternoon at Captain Mom's house. We have some of the top candidates at the top, and some more near the bottom. You can let us know which ones you think we should use.
First is one that will likely wind up in as a secondary picture. This was Captain Mom's idea, and apparently the Bean didn't like the family kiss picture. We think it is really funny.

This one is going in Supreme Commander's (mother-in-law) Christmas letter.

Maybe we should have tucked that chin into the turtleneck...

Sunday, November 26, 2006


We had a happy Thanksgiving on Thursday, with all of the kiddies and friends. Captain Mom's friend Quarters came by to visit and Captain Fabuloso's old roommate White Lightning also stopped by. We were glad to have so many people over to enjoy the holiday.

The Boy went for one of the turkey legs. The part below the leg is actually his goatee, and not gravy dripping off. However, I'm sure that by the end, there was about as much gravy in the goatee as there was on the leg.

Captain Mom put our table to good use and did a nice job setting things up for everyone.

We also had appetizers in the living room to munch on while we waited for dinner to cook and watched movies. It was a successful Thanksgiving indeed.

Christmas Ideas

Here we have the Bean with a few of his favorite toys. First, is Senor's cell phone. The first time Bean got legitimately mad when something was taken away from him was when I took the cell phone out of his hands. He seems to like the lights.

Here is our future text-message champion hard at work honing his skills. The concentration is remarkable.
Bean also has an inordinate fondness for empty water bottles. He can play with them for extended periods of time, but you have to put it back in his hands when he (frequently) drops it.

Bean also loves to play with his friends. He seems to be a popular fellow around the house these days.


Bean is not particularly fond of solids or bottles. He certainly won't take formula. We are trying to get him used to eating rice mix, but he makes faces everytime we try. Here are a few of the ones we see regularly.

He also likes to hold it in his mouth as long as he can, and will swallow at the last possible moment. At this rate, he will be on solids for his 8th birthday party.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Halloween Party!

We also had our neighborhood Halloween party on the side lawn on Monday. We all had a good time and got the bean dressed up in his pumpkin suit.

Mom got dressed up in her Aunt's old maternity clothes. That's right, not a costume - her Aunt's old maternity clothes. She apparently held onto them in case someone else wanted them. I think we can rule out that possibility.

It was cold out, so we had to get the Bean all tucked in to try to keep him warm. We all had a nice time.


We had some Halloween activities last weekend. Namely, pumpkin carving with Senor and Cicada. The Boy was feeling sick and couldn't make it. This is Cicada and her baby pumpkin.

This is the 'spooky' version of Alma's pumpkin.

Here is Senor and his pumpkin.

And here is the spooky version of his.

Finally, here is my pumpkin with the others. Since mine didn't require a candle, it didn't make much sense to take a night photo of it.


We have a few more pictures up, now that we have a computer that is up and running.

Bean is practicing sitting up, and is getting better at it.

But, still a little hunched over.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Last week

Fall weather is here and we took advantage of it by going for a nice walk last Sunday. When we were done, we took a few pictures in the yard.

The Bean rode down to BYU with Mom on Friday for some law school alumni meetings. He got all dressed up in some warm clothes before he went.

Birthday Party

We all had a nice time at Captain Fabuloso's birthday party on the 16th. The boy was there, and brought all of his facial hair along with him.

The siblings all went in and got me a digital multimeter, which will be very handy.

I also got Mom and Dad's present on-time - but barely.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Playing with a New Lense

Senor has shared his Nikon lense with the two of us. We've been playing with it and using it to take some shots of the Bean. We certainly like the pictures it takes.

A pensive moment.

Little bright eyes.

He is becoming a better laugher and smiler all of the time.

He is also a very cheerful little Canadian boy.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bean in a Pumpkin

We found another good use for our Halloween/Fall soup terrine that we got from Tinker and Tom. This was all Senor's idea, suprisingly enough.

Senor thought the whole thing was rather funny.

Bean fit right into the pumpkin patch.


Senor and Cicada brought a special present over for the family yesterday! It was the Bean's first package. He did not like it when Senor put the package on him. He got rather upset with him.

Bean kept an eye on the Senor after that.

Then we went to the living room to open up the package.

And it turns out the gift was a petanque set! It turns out that that is why the Bean didn't like having the heavy package put on him. He seemed to like the balls okay. But, he was still watching Senor.

Bean's Super Powers

Bean is a bit of a cuddle-bug, as Mom says, but is particular about being cuddled. This is one acceptable method.
This is another acceptable technique. Standing and walking is preferable.

This is Bean's first demonstration of the power he is capable of. Mom and Dad were duly impressed and horrified at the same time.