Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Travels

Here are some recent pictures of the kids. We went to St. George for Spring Break with my sister and her two kids. Aunt Brat drove down with me and the kids and stayed with her friends down there and then drove back with us. It was so great since Captain F couldn't join us. The car ride was slow going, but the kids did really well. There were no crying fits, just general complaining. I call that a success! I told the Prince this was practice for going to Disneyland. Well, then he kept talking about Disneyland the entire ride. The kids did not sleep well on the vacation. V, the Prince, and I all shared a room. It probably could have been worse, but not by much. V is the culprit. She has to sleep in her own room. If she hears anyone she wakes up. She almost always wakes up happy, which is part of the problem. If she hears someone move she wakes up all cheery and ready to go even if it is 3 am. We were excited to see Ootsie on our trip. She was visiting her dad at the same time. They came over for a quick visit. Ootsie gave V a darling bunny rabbit stuffed animal she had knitted. Little V loves it.

A couple of Saturdays ago I took the kids to Lagoon with my sister & kids and cousins & kids. Captain F was out of town. He went out to DC to go to a Washington Capitals play-off game against the New York Rangers. Papa Owsey was able to get box seats for the two of them. Captain F used our frequent flier miles and stayed with his parents. It was a free trip for him and he loved being there, even if the Caps lost the game. Thankfully, they redeemed themselves tonight by beating the Rangers in Game 7. GO CAPS! Oh, back to Lagoon. The kids loved it, especially the Prince. Little V liked some of the rides, but then she just needed to nap. We were there right during her nap time, but she really only sleeps in the car or in her crib. Poor thing was pretty tired by the time we left. She is such a trooper.

Little V is walking now. Hurray! She started taking multiple steps in a row on Saturday. She does a little more each day. It is so fun. I think she was more motivated to start walking after playing outside and having to crawl on the sidewalk on her knees. She loves to be outside now and doesn't even mind the feel of grass too much. She loves to join in whatever is going on. It is so fun to see.

The Prince has been loving playing with all the neighborhood kids again. He runs and runs and runs to keep up with the 5/6 year-olds. He can't get enough. The hardest part is when they all ride their bikes and he has no bike to ride. He is definitely worn out by the end of the day. Thank heavens something wears him out.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Lots of Fun

We have been having lots of fun lately. And the kids have been so funny. We have lots of stories. I haven't been blogging as much because the Prince isn't taking naps as often. The Prince is a super social kid. He wants to play, play, play all the time. He was so excited when my brother's, Funny Little Guy's, family came to town for their Spring Break. He couldn't get enough play time with all the kids.

We did have some gorgeous weather about 3 weeks ago and went to the park with my cousin, Jodo, and her kids. The Prince loved it, or course. Little V is not walking yet, she is now 14 months. She stayed on the picnic blanket most of the time eating snacks because she doesn't like the feel of grass on her legs. She does love the swings and slides, though.

We also went to Hill Air Force Base with my sister's family. I had never been there before. It was interesting. The Prince managed to find a Buzz Lightyear toy. He loved to see the planes and just generally run around.

Here is a picture of Little V at home. She is starting to love her little red chair like the Prince's blue chair. She is standing and trying to walk more and more all the time. She has taken 1 step by herself but doesn't dare to do more.

We also went to the Utah Museum of Natural History for the frog and toad exhibit. Both kids loved it. We went with my sister, her kids, and Gogo and Hunter Trader Trapper. Little V is such a joiner now. She is getting less and less tolerant with sitting in the stroller.

Oh no. The Prince is now awake. I will have to write all the funny stories later. At least I got something on the blog.