Sunday, July 30, 2006

Vacation Pictures!

We saw a whale on the beach while we were on vacation in California. Here is the shot that we got of it.

Here are Mom and Bean on the beach.

We also stopped in Las Vegas to see the flower display at the Bellagio. They had various sites of America, all made out of twigs, leaves, and flowers. Here we see the Capitol Building.

Bean slept through the entire event.

Here are Mom and Bean in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

Of course the Bellagio was featured...

And here are a few shots of Mom and Bean resting at home.

Pie for a Birthday

The Boy had his birthday this month, and we all got together for it. We went to Happy Sumo for dinner, and then we came back to our place for pie and presents. This, obviously, was pie.

This was a present from Senor.

This was a present from Cicada. The Bean exhibited a keen interest in Cicada all evening long. What was she wearing or doing to garner such attention from a baby? We may never know.

The Boy had to prove his reflexes in order to get his present from me and the Captain. He sucessfully caught the gift card, using his proven monkey-claw technique.

Getting Bigger All the Time

As we can see, Bean just keeps getting bigger all the time. We took this picture at the beginning of July (the 7th, to be exact).

This is the "Mo" shirt that his aunt brat made him. Aunt Brat was duly upset that we didn't name him Morris in her honor, and has taken it upon herself to call him Mo regardless. She better get her fill of calling him Mo before he has anything to say about it.

We see some smiles now, although they are few and far between. Mostly when he is going to sleep. Perhaps this great happiness with sleep is a trait passed on from Uncle Boy?

Bean and Dad went for a walk together at Weber on the 4th of July weekend.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Getting better at the sleeping bit.

Also putting on some weight.

Spending time with Mom.

And we can see that he is getting bigger too.