Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fun at the Cabin

We have been up to the cabin lots this summer. The Prince loves it. But, really, what's not to love? You get to ride horses, have giant sleepovers, throw rocks in the river, play in the dirt, stay up too late, sing along with the guitar, and just generally run around. We have really had fun. The only sad part is that we miss Captain Fabuloso while he stays home and works. Oh, and the Prince has taken against my cousin's daughter, Lily, and now my niece, Butter. I can't get him to stop scratching their faces. I take comfort in the fact that my mom could never get me to stop scratching my cousin's, Hobie's, face when I was a toddler. If she failed, what chance do I have? She is much more scary than I am.

Daddy's Get All the Credit

A few weeks ago, I was home with the Prince. V was asleep. Senior had just stopped by. Captain F was still at work. It was around 5:30 in the evening. The Prince wanted a chocolate pudding. So, even though it was around dinner time, and he had not eaten, I decided to give him one anyway. I say that as though I actually make efforts not to feed him treats before dinner, but I don't. I am just grateful when he eats. He doesn't like to stop for food. Anyway, I sit down with him at the table and give him the pudding. He is so excited and starts yelling, "Daddy! Daaaadddddy! Daddy!" I say, "No, mommy gave you the pudding. Mommy" To which he replies, "Daddy!" So unfair. Which reminds me of a story about my mom. When my older brother, whose nickname is Little Brother, was in early elementary school, he was given the assignment to write one of his favorite things to do. He wrote all about how he loves to go horse-back-riding with his dad. My mom was furious. She was the one that took him horse-back-riding. Her family owned the horses. She claims my dad didn't take him once, and if so, certainly not without her. To this day for Father's Day my brother writes a card to my dad AND my mom.