Saturday, November 07, 2009

Guilty Pleasure

As you know, I have not been blogging lately. And I have to confess it has felt fantastic. I don't know when I crossed over from feeling guilty all the time about not blogging to just enjoying the break, but I did. I haven't felt that constant nagging feeling at all. I am really quite impressed with my ability to let it go. Truthfully, I think I can attribute my lack of guilt to three things: 1. I have actually joined a network marketing company and spend my time on that. Maybe you lose all sense of right and wrong when you crossover to becoming a network marketer; 2. I am pregnant. I am just too tired to think about it. Whenever I get both kids to take a nap, I nap, too. The nap takes away all my blogging time; and 3. My main audience is my in-laws and we have seen them in August, September, and October. They don't need updates because they have been there for many of the events. Thus, the break from blogging and the not so guilty pleasure that has come of it. But, in the unlikely event people still check/read this blog, let's hope I have turned a corner for we actually have had things worth reporting and remembering. The following is a list of examples: I have joined a network marketing company and am really happy about it; I am pregnant with our third child and due June 2nd; and Ootsie came to visit in August, Papa Ou'sie came to visit in September, and we went to Disneyland with all the Canadians in October! In addition, The Prince is now in preschool. He loves every minute and can't wait to leave me to go to school. He had his very first program, which I was unable to record. I am so sad about it. The stupid camcorder said the DVD we bought was incompatible. Captain F was very disappointed. Good thing the Christmas program is just around the corner. Also, we had a great Halloween season. (Halloween has now crossed over to being a season because there are so many parties and events celebrating it). One of the highlights was the very successful neighborhood party we hosted with the Easts, who live next door. I think there were at least 60 people crammed in our little house to watch a magic show. It was a huge hit. And finally, I will just mention my personal triumph in successfully getting the swine flu vaccine for me and the kids. Now I just need to chase down the second dose and get the seasonal flu vaccine. Oh boy.