Sunday, May 24, 2009

Disneyland Pictures

(This is the only picture of us all together.)

Disneyland was fantastic. Now all I can think about are all the vacations I want to take with my family. It is so hard to come back and settle in to our normal life. Here are some pictures, as promised. I will have to share stories about Disneyland later because I am going to bed.

I call this picture "Attack of the Crazy Hair."


Saturday Capatin F and I went to Spring City for the Historical Home Tour and art tour. It was fantastic (review to follow). We left the kids with my sister's nanny for the day. She is so great with them. She speaks very little English, but it all works out just fine. When we came home I asked the Prince if he had any accidents that day. He told me he peed on Tina's leg. He would laugh and laugh. He even called it a funny game. We hoped beyond hope this was just a story. Captain F called Tina tonight. He was talking and said that the Prince is a handful. She agreed calling him a "Bravo" (a brave terror) and then told Captain F a story. The Prince was on the potty and all of a sudden jumped up and peed on her leg. He laughed and laughed and laughed. She told him "no" of course and he did say, "Sorry, Tina." But apparently he wasn't all that sorry since he repeatedly told us about his "funny game." How did he even think of this? Where did that come from? Maybe it is just being a boy but I blame the Canadians. I think it must be in their DNA to play "funny" pranks.

Spring City was fantastic. We went with my sister, mom, my mom's friend, Captain F's sister and her husband and child. It was great. I was so excited to introduce Cicada and Murray to Spring City. Murray and Cicada are both artists and neither had ever heard of Spring City and the artists community there. It was fun seeing it with them. I think they fell in love with it and want to live there someday, same with Captain F actually. Murray's sister lives in the town of Moroni so they would even have family nearby. One of these years Captain F's aunt Mary Moo must absolutely come to Utah for Memorial Day weekend and go to Spring City. She would love it. Also, my mother-in-law's family is from that area and there were a few artists with her maiden name. I wonder how they are related. If Cicada and Captain F were to move there they would be returning to their roots.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Madsen Bikes

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

I love this bike. The inventor (I assume he is the inventor at least) lives in my neighborhood and I see his wife riding this bike around. It is adorable and I would love to have one. Maybe if I am really good about using our Chariot and get really strong so I can haul the kids up the hill to our house, I can get one of these for next year's Tin-palooza. How fun would that be? Sure Captain F is dying to have another bike, and sure he bikes way more than I do, but still, don't you think I should get another bike first? (Note: Poor Captain F had lots of bikes but two got stolen last fall while I was in NYC. His brand new mountain bike and old road bike were taken from our garage, along with the pump. So sad.) Better yet, I will get him this for his Father's Day, Birthday and Christmas. Then he can haul the kids. I will just use it to look cool.


May is the month to celebrate me. On May 7th is Captain F's and my anniversary. We are celebrating 5 successful years this year. The Sunday after ou anniversary is Mother's Day. And on May 17th is my Birthday. Captain F has to come up with lots of gifts all at once.

For our anniversary we got a new Chariot double jogging stroller/bike trailer. We thought it would be fun to get something we can do together. So far we are enjoying running all together. The Prince loves the new stroller and likes to go for a run. Little V not as much. Little V spends a lot of the time torturing the Prince by touching his face. It is pretty funny. I make Captain F push the stroller as a sort of handicap so he can go my pace and still get a workout. Although, I have taken the Prince out for a run just the two of us; I can push the stroller, too.

Mother's Day was absolutely perfect. We got up and it was so nice to have Captain F around to help me get the kids ready for church. Then I got to go to a Mother's Day party in Primary with the Prince. He was a great singer with his nursery group. After church V and I took a nap while the boys played outside. Then we woke up and went to a buffet at the Alta Club, where Captain F and I had our wedding reception. We went with my parents and my sister and her family. Then we walked around the Temple grounds to see all the flowers. It was perfect. Finally we came home and Captain F had another gift for me, a comforter for the downstairs bedroom. We had such a fun time hanging out together.

Finally, for my Birthday all the Canadians plus a few friends got together to celebrate. Captain F bought me a new IPod nano because my Ipod mini will only last 17 minutes on battery, making it difficult to take along running. It was the perfect gift and much too generous. Captain F even served Angel Food cake, which he is totally sick of because we have it all summer long.

Here are some action shots of V walking. She is so excited with her new method of transportation.

But the best present of all was a trip to Disneyland with our little family. Post to follow.