Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pictures of Frosty

I promised to post some more pictures of the kids and particularly of baby Frosty, thus named because she was born with dark hair and lighter tips. How can she have frosted tips in the womb?

We have been so busy since Frosty was born. We may have just had a baby, but we have two other kids that still need to be entertained. Thankfully, Ootsie came here the day after Frosty and I came home from the hospital. She stayed for two weeks and it was wonderful. It is very easy to have a third child when someone else is doing the dishes, cooking, and entertaining your other kids. Ootsie blogged and posted pictures of some of her adventures with the kids.

Plus, she even spent one morning working in the yard with Captain F. After a couple of hours working with his mom, Captain F came in and said, "It is just so nice to have two people working. I feel like I am actually gaining ground, not just maintaining." Even when I am not pregnant or recovering we rarely are able to both work together. One of us is usually watching the kids. The yard looks so much better. Now we just need to plant some flowers, and then I will post pictures. We had to wait until after our new roof and soffits and facia were installed, otherwise our garden would have been destroyed. As it was, our perennials didn't fare too well.

One of my favorite parts of the new roof was that they came the day of the Prince's birthday party. It was a little crazy but we survived. I will blog about the birthday later. It did turn out great despite the chaos.

Here are a couple more recent pictures of Frosty. We have the matching outfit for Little V. So cute! Poor Frosty is suffering from baby acne. I hate this stage. Good thing she is still beautiful.

We went to Lagoon yesterday and had a great time. It is a little more tricky with the baby, especially since the kids' favorite rides require that they be accompanied by a parent or older kid. We had to go in shifts. Here are the kids eating their ice cream cones.

OK. At least I have posted some more pictures, even if the stories are lacking. Sadly, it has taken me three weeks just to get this far.

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